The Herbert Kilpin | Food
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Huevos Rancheros
eggs, chorizo, chili, corn salsa, hot sauce, toasted tortillas 6.00

Steak & Eggs
bavette steak, potato & savoy cabbage hash, tomato, fried eggs, house brown sauce 9.50

Breakfast Waffles
streaky bacon, eggs, maple syrup 5.50

Fruit Waffles
blueberries, banana, whipped pecan butter, maple syrup 5.50

Green Eggs & Ham
serrano ham, spinach & cheese omelette 6.00

English Muffin
poached eggs & hollandaise 5.00

add spinach 1.00
add smoked salmon. or baked ham. or grilled halloumi 1.50

Charcuterie Board pickled fennel, cornichons, mustard, chili jam 6.50
Cheese Board pickled fennel, grapes, onion chutney 6.50
Baked Camembert garlic, rosemary, red wine, sourdough 9.00
Popcorn Chicken buffalo sauce 5.50
Courgette Fritters ranch sauce 4.50
Beer Mac ‘n’ Cheese Balls arrabiatta sauce 4.50
Padron Peppers sea salt 4.50
Whitebait paprika alioli 6.00
Meatballs romesco, toasted almonds 6.50
Falafel pitta, baba ganoush 5.00
Elotes charred corn on the cob, sour cream, feta, fresh lime, chilli salt 5.00
Sliders pork shoulder, cucumber & radish kimchi, sriracha mayo 6.00
Lamb Kofta flatbread, tzatziki, pickled chilli 6.00

Fishcakes courgette noodles, baby spinach, chilli, lime & lemongrass dressing 10.50
Short Rib Noodle Bowl braised short rib, ginger & anise broth, rice noodles, red chilli & coriander 10.50
Squash & Roast Corn Chili cumin & onion rice, tortilla sour cream 9.00
Steak Sandwich bavette steak, stilton, mushrooms, walnut pesto, sourdough 9.50
Kilpin Burger beef & pork patty, salami milano, mozzarella, charred pepper sauce 9.50
‘Yard Burger beef & pork patty, beer mac n cheese, streaky bacon, onion rings, house brown sauce 10.50

Feta & Black Bean Burger beetroot ketchup, rocket 8.50
Cuban Sandwich ham, salami, roast pork, swiss cheese, dill pickles, french’s mustard, rye 8.50
Chicken Taco panko coated chicken breast, guacamole, chipotle sauce, sour cream, shredded lettuce 8.00

House Salad quinoa, peppers, courgette, radish, leaves, seeds, house vinaigrette 5.00
Add bavette steak, braised fennel, crispy onions 4.50
smoked salmon, avocado, crispy onions 3.50
halloumi, roast tomato, crispy onions 3.50
falafel, roast aubergine 3.00
smoked mackerel, crispy bacon 4.50